How to Extend Your Car’s Battery Life?

How to Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you are stranded in the middle of the road with a dead battery. No matter how much the technology advances they cannot develop a car battery that will last a lifetime. Lead-acid batteries are the most common form of batteries used in cars but they have a shelf life while the lithium ion batteries can be easily charged making them more usable. If you are facing an issue with the battery, you can head to battery and read more tips from the experts. In this article, we offer you tips that can help you get the most out of your battery.

Avoid Making Short Trips

If you can manage to avoid taking trips that are less than two kilometers. As every time you start the car your battery start heating up to provide the optimal benefit but before it can fully charge or provide energy to the engine the journey stops.

Ensure the Battery Is Tightened

During a journey on rough terrain or a bumpy road if the clams are loose, then the power supply to the car battery would be interrupted. Apart from the loss of energy any vibration could damage your battery’s components that can cause short circuits, thus reducing battery life.

Ensure the Battery Is Tightened

Minimize Power Use

If you are to halt or waiting for someone, avoid using air conditioners, overhead lights or headlights as these accessories can drain the battery power quickly if they left open for a longer duration.

Clean the Battery

Make sure that the terminals of your car battery are clean and dust-free. A dirty battery terminal can discharge power and also cause a short circuit that could drain the battery. With regular use and acid leaks and dust the terminals tend to get corroded, so clean them at least once in six months to avoid such problems.

Park in Shady Areas

Both cold and hot weather can kill car batteries. Car batteries work harder in winters to start your engine because of the damage caused by the summer heat. Extreme heat can evaporate the water from the cells while the cold weather can freeze it. So, in order to increase the battery life in both weather it is advisable to park the car in the shade or use battery blankets in winter to reduce the damage.

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