Essential Safety Tips for Heavy Truck Drivers in Dubai

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Heavy vehicle accidents can be catastrophic. Therefore, it is essential for drivers of these trucks to observe traffic regulations for their safety. Proper driving also ensures the safety of other motorists and pedestrians as well. The government is investing in sensitizing heavy truck transport companies in Dubai on the necessary safety precaution. Unlike small cars and motorcycles, heavy trucks call for specialized training. Their systems are different from ordinary vehicle. The trucks are also built to carry large loads. Therefore, any mistake can also lead to significant financial implications for any company. Here are some tips which drivers should consider.

Store the Luggage Properly

It can be disastrous if a heavy load falls along the highway when all vehicles are at maximum speed. Ensure that your luggage is fastened with sturdy restrainer. The grip should also be firm to avoid movement of the load. Any movement can block clear view of the traffic causing accidents. It is advisable to keep checking whether the load is loose when travelling for long distances.

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Inspect the Systems

Before driving off, always ensure that the braking, hydraulic, steering wheel and fuel system are all in good conditions. Unlike small vehicles, trucks can be difficult to control in case of faulty systems such as braking. The steering wheel should be in top condition because heavy trucks require precision when negotiating corners. Because of their heavy weight, the brakes should be firm for maximum control in case you need to apply emergency braking.

Always Fasten Your Safety Belt

Safety belts are meant to protect drivers and passengers from the impact of crashes, collisions or emergency braking. They help you stay put even under heavy impact. Therefore, you should always make sure that the belts are working. The lock should also be easy to unlock in case you need to get out of the vehicle in emergency. Most trucks indicate when the safety belt is not well fastened and you should watch out. Ignorance can also nullify your insurance cover.

Proper Loading

This is not the most popular loading safety measures because it seems more of hard work. However, you should put the better part of the load near the front. The measure helps to apply more pressure on the front part, thus increasing stability. It also ensures good steering wheel control. Putting most part of the load in the rear part can cause fishtailing which reduces stability and the trucks grip with front wheels.


Ensure You Have All the Details

You should have information about the height, weight, load limit and length of your truck. The information on measurement of the vehicle is important when taking turns, overtaking or crossing bridges with height barriers. You should also avoid overloading your truck because it can cause instability and strain on the drivetrain. The vehicle measurements are also important when parking your vehicle because they determine safe parking areas. You can use weighing machines rental UAE to establish the measurements.